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Challenge 010: Anime Episode 22
usa & chibiusa
tuxedobunny wrote in sm_iepisodic
This is my prompt for Challenge 10: SM 22 - Romance Under the Moon! Usagi's First Kiss!
These are redesigns of Rei & Ami's dresses. I think they're cute. This is my first time posting ^-^


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These dresses are adorable and definitely an improvement from the dresses from the anime. I especially love Ami's, I almost bought a dress that was very similar to it once and have regretted not getting it ever since. ^_^;;

LOL. I want a dress like ami's. i agree, those dresses were pretty gross. i'm not even sure those were in style back in the 90's. hell, i'll never know.

fyi - your icon is perfect!

thanks and by the way - ami is looking kawaii in that swimsuit!

love these..i dont undestand why they put the other girls in so many questionable styles. I think they wanted Usagi to stand on her own. It just makes me sad.

Usa's dress was kind of... like a huge cupcake design. and her boobs were falling out. lol. ami and rei deserve some sex appeal though!

Gorgeous! Like seriously, the first thing I thought was "WOW! Those are hot little numbers!" Especially Rei's. What an improvement!

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