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Challenge 11: Episode 27 of the anime.
Haruka & Michiru - Walking
angelinamoon wrote in sm_iepisodic

We're BACK! With Challenge 11!
Challenge 11: SM 27 - Love for Ami?! A Boy Who Can Predict the Future

After a long hiatus, we are back!

Thanks to a suggestion from the lovely heyheyitsjane, Challenge 11 is episode 27 of the anime! I will still be checking the suggestions post, so if you have an episode you'd like to see done, let me know!

Fan FIC/DRABBLE prompt:
Ami and Urawa never really had a fair shot. What would it have been like if they actually went on a date? Would awkward hilarity ensue? Would the girls be determined to spy on the couple? I would say yes, yes of course Usagi and the gang would be spying!

Fan ART prompt:
I never really liked the picture Ami gave Urawa to replace the awesome burger picture. Maybe there needs to be more awkward photos of Ami. Draw them!

As always, the prompts are only suggestions. Please feel free to run with whatever sort of motivation strikes you.

And don't forget! You're not just boxed in to fan art or fic. Create WHATEVER you want to make, be it icons, a fanmix, a music vid or paper origami in the shape of Urawa. Do what you want and share it!

Random Suggestion:
You know what might be hilarious to start seeing at the community? DEMOTIVATIONAL POSTERS! For each challenge! C'mon, that'd be a lot of fun.

Need Resources?
Hitoshi Doi's Episode Summary
The Oracle

Got a question? Send me a message.

Full fanwork rules and details.

Challenge Ends: Sept 30th, 2010


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