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Sailor Moon Iepisodic Challenge

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A bi-weekly challenge community that accepts all types of fan works incl. icons, fanmixes, fanfics

Sailor Moon Iepisodic Challenge

Sailor Moon iepisodic challenge is a bi-weekly fan challenge based on an anime or PGSM episode, a manga act, or any other theme chosen by the moderator -all relating to Sailor Moon of course.

Participants will have two weeks to inundate the community with fanworks based around the chosen 'episode'. The following fanworks are accepted:

  • Icons - Make icons from the specified episode! Lots and lots of icons! Who doesn't love icons?

  • Fanfic - Write a fanfic centered around the episode -- but only the episode specified in the challenge. Drabbles or longer fic are acceptable. Please ensure to include a rating for your fic.

  • Fanmixes - Make a mix cd centered around the episode! Must include a link to download the music and reasons for your choices. A cover is not mandatory, but is encouraged.

  • Fanart - Show off your artistic skills by drawing a picture based on the episode.

  • Music Videos - Make a music video! You must only use footage from the specified episode.

  • Graphic editing - wallpaper, collages, manips using images from the episode. Are you a graphic editing pro in photoshop? Then the sky's the limit. Be creative, maybe you even want to do a calendar with images from the episode. It's up to you!

  • Got a fanwork not listed above? - drop me a line and let me know the type of fanwork you want to post. I am more than likely to allow it and will add it to this list.

You can post as many times as you want, with as many different fanworks as you so desire.

We love lj-cuts: If you are posting a fic, please put the bulk of your fic under an lj-cut. Posting lots of icons? You may put up three or four teaser icons, but the rest must be behind a cut. Fanmix details must be underneath a cut, however a small version of the album cover may appear before the cut as a teaser. Big fanart images must be under a cut too. Should the fanart be considered explicit*, it must be placed under a cut and a warning must be posted.
Exempt from the lj-cut rule are embedded videos. You can post a video without using a cut. However if you're posting more than one video, subsequent videos must be under a cut.
Don't know how to lj-cut? Never fear, we've got ya covered.

Spoiler Policy: Sailor Moon in all of its forms has been out for years now. Information on the plot of each of its incarnations is readily available on the internet -- so I will not be enforcing a spoiler policy -If you're here to do fanworks on specific episodes, you should already know the plot any way. However, be forewarned: If you do want to stay particularly spoiler-free of the plot of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon for example, you may not be able to as in some of the episodic challenge announcements pieces of the plot may be alluded to or they may be depicted in the challenge banner.

I cannot stress it enough, your fanworks must be based around the challenge episode. Otherwise it wouldn't exactly be a challenge, duh.

You will have two weeks to share your fanwork submissions. After the two weeks are up, a new challenge will be issued and submissions for the former challenge will no longer be accepted.
We may eventually hold a two week period where you may submit anything for challenges you may have missed.

*Please note: While nudity is okay, -much like the outlines Naoko Takeuchi herself included in the manga, explicit sexual situations are not okay to post in this community. Plus, how does that have anything to do with the episode at hand any way?

Have fun fun fun!

Addendum: What of the old concept for this community?
I understand that some of you may still be diligently working on your icons for the episode you claimed. If that is so, you may continue to post your icons in the community until your claim is finished. No new claims will be accepted.
Can't remember if you have a claim on the go? Check the claims list.

Credit where credit is due:
Bi-weekly challenge banners inspired by the amazing challenge banners at bssm_battle.
Makers of textures used in banners listed here.