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Mod Post: Challenge Suggestions.
Usa&Mina&Ami - friends
angelinamoon wrote in sm_iepisodic
As I'm sure you've noticed, I've fallen behind on challenge posts.
Between exams and the fact that my computer is on the fritz right now, there's no new challenges :(

However, in the next week, there will be.

BUT! I wanted to ask the community, what episodes would you like to see in the near future? Whether it be anime, manga or PGSM, just throw out suggestions and you will most likely see the suggested episodes sometime in the near future (that is unless we've already done that particular episode in a challenge.)

Thanks guys! I look forward to reading your suggestions!

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Something from the first season of the anime would be nice. ^_^

YESSSS! I agree. I loved the first season. Also, the second season...I'd love to see something in the future dealing with the mother/daughter/sister-like relationship between Chibiusa and Usagi.

Yeah, I just noticed that today actually. We haven't had a SMR anime challenge yet. Hmm.... however, since the first season was requested first, I think that'll be the next one.

Any particular episode that either of you might have in mind? Or should I just randomly choose? ;3

(Deleted comment)
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